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Problem statement

Many individuals who have experienced a stroke may never fully recover. A stroke often occurs due to a blood clot in the brain, limiting the supply of oxygen that the brain needs to function. This can lead to cellular damage and possibly long term permanent brain damage. Animal models may be employed to study such stroke responses, but this is often accompanied by several regulations one must follow along with expensive equipment and long timeframes. For these reasons, in vitro studies are a necessary tool to research stroke response on the cellular level. A system does not currently exist for studying cellular response to such trauma for in vitro assays. Prof. Jose Ayuso and his lab have developed a proprietary system for in vitro assays based on a traditional well plate design with modifications made using a highly accurate milling machine to remove undesired sections of the plastic. This is a greatly time consuming process and not practical for greater production of such a product. Designing a practical manufacturing method for the specialized well plate design would reduce cost, time, and how user-friendly the final product may be. A large-scale production of such a device would allow for any researcher to perform in vitro assays to further research in the field of stroke response (or many other fields) and lead to possible breakthroughs in patient care and recovery.

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Jose M. Ayuso, Dermatology Department