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Problem statement

With the transportation industry quickly turning to autonomous vehicles, processes that are typically handled by humans are also shifting to automatic means. Autonomous driving is quickly becoming an answer to the driver shortage that “is expected to double from an estimated 80,000 last year to 160,000 by 2030” [1]. The lack of drivers had led to supply issues for everyday consumers, nationwide [2]. Trucking is heavily used in the United States, but the reliance on human operators still leaves room for error through the time taken to deliver and the chance of an accident due to the operator. Automatic doors are typically used in garage-style truck doors, allowing for members who would not be able to lift the door to operate the truck. For traditional butterfly opening semi-truck trailers, automatic doors are necessary to make the load easier on operators while also future-proofing the product for the turn to autonomous. We intend to design and prototype for our client, Stoughton Trailers, an automatic rear door system for traditional butterfly style semi-truck trailers. This will be done by introducing automatic motion by a motor to the hinges on the door while also lifting the locking mechanism to open the door on the trailer. Currently, no solutions are made to automate butterfly style trailer doors. The automation of garage style trailer doors limits the space within the trailer that could be used for cargo storage. Our solution will allow Stoughton Trailers to have the ability to enter the autonomous industry while also assisting operators in opening rear doors when not present.

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Xander Ostaffe – leader
William Condon – communicator
Michael Ostaffe – accountant
Grayson Holter – admin



Andy Aleson, Stoughton Trailers